Ame Cull
Ame Cartoon New Version

Character Info

Nicknames ?
Age 14
Species Human
Gender Girl
Nationality Greek, half African American (on her dad's side)
Height 4'6"
Body Type Thin, Medium Breasts (Slightly bigger than Amanda Jane's)
Hobbies/Interests Painting, Sculpting, Inventing, Playing Guitar, Partying
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Ame Cull is a girl who likes to party and usually gets grounded for it (mostly by her mom). She has a best friend named Fern Dumitru (who she talked to for the first time through her plant-talking abilities). Ame has some artistic skills when she was born. She has cousins named Joslyn, Kevin, Amanda Jane, and Isabella. She's also the middle child in her family.

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  • Ame's favorite colors are orange and yellow.
  • Ame seems to hate how her cousin Amanda Jane is in a relationship with Jacob McRye.
  • She is constantly afraid of her long hair and will often try not to take her bandanna off in public.
  • If Ame's bandanna is off, you will see all of her hair in a long braid.

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