Amanda Jane Marshall
Amanda Jane Cartoon

Character Info

Nicknames AJ
Age 15
Species Human
Gender Girl
Nationality Mexican
Height 5'0"
Body Type Skinny (Medium Breasts)
Hobbies/Interests Being Shy, Reading
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Amanda Jane Marshall is a shy yet friendly girl who loves chocolate and having anything to do with science (though she's more obsessed about chocolate). She usually falls head over heels over most guys and she tries as hard as she can to catch their attention. Amanda Jane sometimes fails due to her shyness so she usually lets the guy do the talking. Amanda Jane is the oldest sister of Isabella Marshall and both of them are a part of the Marshall Family, a rich family whom they met and took the girls in. She also has cousins from the Culls' (Ame, Jamie, and Mira) and the Spooks' (Joslyn and Kevin).

Before Amanda Jane and Isabella lived with Rosalyn and Sir Charles, when they were born they lived a poor and abusive life with their old parents. When Amanda Jane was about 9, she thought of running away with her little sister. She had to make sure that no trace of evidence was anywhere. They ran away from home during the night and ended up in the town where Rosalyn and Sir Charles live. From then on, they lived a luxrious and safe life.

When Amanda Jane turned 15, she had some friends in high school despite her shy and geeky appearance. It was also the time where guys asked her out though unless the guy was attractive, she would gently let them down. However, a few months later, her family moved somewhere else. Amanda Jane had to get accustomed to the new surroundings.

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  • Amanda Jane often gets jealous and tells Ame to fight for her since she's too shy.
  • Amanda Jane and her sister ran away from home when they were kids.
  • She and her little sister look alike except for a few physical features.
  • She has a part time job as a chocolitier.
  • Amanda Jane has a secret obsession of watching anime, and thinks that any boys in the anime are hot, as she would say.
  • Her favorite movie genre is slasher meaning that she likes movies where people get stabbed. No one except Ame, Fern, and her other friends know this.
  • Amanda Jane's real name is Ashley but she changed it when she ran away from home.
  • In most role-plays, if both are in the same RP, she will have a pretty steady relationship with Jacob McRye even though he flirts with other girls anyways.
  • Amanda Jane hates the smell of any perfume or cologne since she says they "irritate her nose".
  • She is a hydrophobic.

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