MMO Achimeir

Achimeir isn't really that much of a gamer. But since the rest of his friends seemed interested in Ellaina Online, he thought it wouldn't hurt to chip in to the Kickstarter campaign as well. Given his inexperience with MMORPGs, Achimeir is pretty much lost when he gets thrown into the universe of Ellaina Online. This, compounded with his generally bad luck, makes Achimeir more than eager to get out of the game.

Player Info

  • Username: ShadowTemplar43
  • Class: Mystic Knight (hybrid class between Mage and Warrior)
  • Skill Level: Casual



  • Slot: Primary Weapon and Secondary Weapon
  • Type: Magic Lance

A magical staff that doubles as a polearm. Combining physical might with devastating elemental magic, the Helswath is a versatile and formidable weapon. Its sleek, monochromatic appearance evokes a sense of elegance.

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