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Ellaina Online: Player Guide

Alright this forum is specifically for keeping track of the levels in this game. Just list all your characters, their class, their level and the skills they've earned so far. You comment can be edited any time this is changed. But lets go over some things.
Keep in mind, this does not mean that in RP a character does has to explicitly state every level they gain. You can imply levels by rarely mentioning it or having an event or boss level them up quickly. 
Also keep in mind, special classes will usually have a skill at the very start, so even a level 15 special class will technically have 2 skills. A normal class gets on new skill at level 15, one at level 20 and then one every 10 levels from there. So a level 30 character will have 3 skills, where as a level 30 special character will have 4.
As well, normal classes have the same options of skills. Even though a player can choose what skill they gain each time they level, make sure normal classes are staying consistent with what those of the same class are getting. Check other characters skills for ideas.

Ibby: Warrior | Level 14
No Skills
Marc: Ranger | Level 13
No skills
Liz: Special; Dark Mage | Level 17
Dark Blast- A dark magic spell that causes surrounding enemies to explode.
Dark Spikes- A dark magic spell that conjures black crystals to crush or stab enemies.
Kristine: Hunter | Level 17
Dual Wielding - Allows hunter to use two weapons at once.
Emette: Theif | Level 20
Ninja Speed- Allows thief to sprint faster.
Sneaking- Allows thief to move quieter with out alerting near by monsters.
Selene: Special; Droid Warrior | Level 42
Electric Bolt: Doid Sword can emit a bolt of lightning to strike an enemy.
Boost: Allows Droid to quickly leap across the map.
Charge: Charges the Droid sword to do a more powerful attack, but costs HP.
Electricity Bomb: A pulse of electricity that targets everything with in it's radius.
Cloak: Droid can turn invisable temporarily to monster. Is still visable to players.
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The next Big Role Play.

Time to discuss a new RP that will hopefully bring more people to the wiki and allow so more use of characters. All first discuss my ideas and then you guys can give yours and wee can discuss which one we want to do.
Battle for New Bridge
Plot: The Earl of Shadows has finally gained enough power to confidently attack New Earth, starting in the city his enemies reside in and the nearest connection to the Fanitisme. It's now up to the people of this world to stand up and fight back, or else succumb to the rule of their new Emporer of Darkness. 
Premise: This story is one that is closest to my canon story. Because the bulk of the RP will take place in a large city, only minor changes will be nessicary to make the story accesible to nearly any OC. The characters will be split up into groups, like characters located in the two schools in the city, veteren fighters in the previous rebelion which would make up a lot of adults, and then just anyone else who finds it nessicary to fight back. 
Fantastic World of the Fantisme
Plot: Explore the vibrant world of the fantisme. A world of magic unlike anything you've ever seen. But a darkness grows in the distance... will the people of this world of magic be able to fight back when the time comes?
Premise: A similar idea as the previous one, but this one would focus entirily on the Fantisme and the people with in it. It would encourage new and creative character design in order to create the inhabitants of this world. It could possible also take place in 1980, during the first rebelion against the Earl of Shadows from my story. 
The Tiniest RP
Plot: The world is a REALLY REALLY big place when you are really really small. It's also incredably dangerous. You and your civilization must survive the giants in order to live. 
Premise: A silly little concept I thought about a while ago. An AU where our characters are representations of insects as they survive a landscape that appears to them as massive mountains and dark cave, when they are really just furnature. Lastly the humans are represented as terrifyingly large entities of destruction. As an experiment RP it could go many ways.
Dome Earth Project
Plot: After a successful experiment in placing a persons body and mind into stasis, a group of test subjects from 2015 wake up over a thousand years into the future. The quickly relize how much has changed, as the facility they were stored in is falling apart and resting under the sea. The quickly discover they are no longer on earth, and that people now live in connected environment bubbles under the ocean of a foreign planet. 
Premise: It's basically a future RP, except with out the demand that every OC knows about future tecnology. It's based on an idea i had about if humans were forced to retreat to one of the recently discovered 'Earth-like' planets, like Kepler-62e, which is supposedly completely covered in water with no land. 
So those are my ideas. What are yours.
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Musical Motifs

A simple, self explanatory title for this activity. This is about what you would consider the musical motif of your characters to be. Now these aren't necessarily specific themes or even your character's favorite kind of music, but it's a genre or sub genre of music style that fits the character beyond what just sounds good being associated with a character. Basically, what kind of music, no matter the melody, would play in the background of a theoretical show any time they are on screen.
But I'm basically looking for is a musical style that can be described using the same words, or at least paraphrasing the same kind that could be used to describe the character themselves.
For example:

Marc's motif is Chill-wave (Example ). It's a genre that is very calm and mellow, an effect achieved through smooth and echoing synthesized audio, but it's also powerful, with steady bass and drums that keep the music from sounding slow. It can also be loud when it needs to be but not in an aggressive way.
Liz's Motif, Violin and Harpsichord/Piano music (Example ). Specifically with a gothic vibe to it, which those two instrumentsItalic text can do very well together. The instruments together can make for a very stereotypical intelligent and sophisticated sound. But played the right way and it can also sound dramatic and menacing.
Ibby's Motif is probably chip-tune. (Example ) Chip-tune tends to be very upbeat and often times energetic. It's simplistic nature can make it seem very cute and charming, but it also can give off a heroic vibe due to it's roots in video games. 
Kristine's motif is likely a mix of 'Glitch-hop/Glitch-step' and 'Drum and Bass'.(Example ) Both genres can sound booming and confident, they are also pretty experimental, pushing the limits of electronic music. Glitch hop alone can come off as pretty nerdy, as a lot of artists mix in references to geek culture in the music. The genres also tend to sound very rough and industrial.
Now I don't claim to be an expert in music, I'm just trying my best to draw parallels from my characters and the music that I think suit their character's best.
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What's in their bag?

Here's a thing we could do here in the forums. All our OCs carry things whether it be in their pockets, purse, backpack, glove compartment, sachel, or even in their bra. Just give a general idea of what kind of items they carry with thimg. I'll go first.
Ibby; In her bunny purse; Basic makeup supplies. (i.e lipstick, mascara, blush, eye liner and the like), a small bunny keychain, the empty hilt of the Godess blades, lotion, perfume, some emergancy femininne products,  a collection of pretty rocks and crystals, extra ribbon, spare hair ties, a pastel wallet with a 'kawaii' cartoon cat printed on the outside, her cellpone, and a seven color click pen (with the purple ink almost gone) 
Kristine: In her satchel; a cellphone, a kindle, a 3DS, a pocket full of DS and 3DS games, a novelty mason jar shaped water bottle , pencils, a packet of pencil topper easers, glasses cleaner, a boring black wallet, the hyper tool in cube form (the transforming weapon she creates accidently from Fantisme cystals), a pair of headphones, a variety of nuts and bolts, a wad of receipts, three different flavors of gum, some headache pills, and chargers for her portable electronics. 
Marc: In his pockets; Spare hair ties, his cellphone, his wallet, and loose money he always forgets to put in his wallet. In his sports bag; spare tenis shoes, his baseball uniform, baseball gloves, a baseball bat, deoderant, cologne and snacks.
Liz: In his hoodie pocket; A wallet, a note pad and pencil. In his travel bag; an old laptop he only uses for writing, a collection of physical notebooks, his scarf when he's not wearing it, any book depending on what he's reading at the moment. a photo album, and a collection of several momentos he's collected for the years. In his violin case; A violin...
Emette: In his pockets; loose change, a pocket knife (a switch blade), wrappers he's yet to take out of his pockets, occasionally someone elses wallet. another pocket knife (a butterfly knife), typically a crumpled letter from Sherry, a plastic (reused)  water bottle, and another pocket knife (his dad's knife, for sentimental reasons)
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Ellaina Online: Names and Discussion

I am simply making this post to record names and such. This is also a place where you guys can suggest names for places, people, weapons, powers and more. This main post will be update periodically as more things are brought up in the RP.

Important Names: People and Places

Ellaina - Main country and games namesake.
 Killand - Capitol, hub and largest city of Ellaina.
Faenamel - Forest top fairy and mage village, home of the Mages School 
Highwell - A warrior village in the snowy mountains.
Nemekadi - An elf and ranger village in the grasslands outside of Killand
Black Boulder Cove - A hunter city at the edge of the continent near the beach. Is Ellaina's southern port. 
Onford - An urban theif city with skyscrapers and malls, accessible through the subway system leading out of Killand
Chilletid - A utopian cleric city of clean marble buildings with water canals passing through the streets.

Riphold - A quite port town known for fishing and Ellaina's northern port.
People (Characters with in the game itself, not players)

Rowen Windstrike - Basic Warrior Class intructor - Recruter at the Killand Secret Base
Simon Boneforge - High Rank Warrior Trainer - From Highwell. Second in command of the Ellaina army. 
Falneir Turretan - Basic Ranger Class instructor - Recruter at the Killand Secret Base
Lyndis Fetherit - High Rank Ranger Trainer - From Nemekadi. High ranking officer of the Ellaina Army's Ranger unit, and local hero of her home village. 
Beckett 'Renagade' Quway - Basic Hunter Class Instructor - Recruter at the Killand Secret Base
Corinne 'Slick 'n Sly' Finch - High Rank Hunter Trainer - From Black Boulder Cove. Captain of the local pirate group.
Silvia Blade/ Silverclaw - Basic Theif Class Instructor - Recruter at the Killand Secret Base
Steelflash/ Sadow Junnosuke - High Rank Theif Trainer - From Onford. Leader of the theives guild. 
Yomari The Cute - Basic Mage Class Instructor - Recruter at the Killand Secret Base
Muharad The Old - High Rank Mage Trainer - From Faenamel. Headmaster and Archmage of the Mage's School
Tess Apelles - Basic Cleric Class Intructor - Recruter at the Killand Secret Base
Umocilia Bane - High Rank Healer Trainer - From Chilletid. Head of the city counsol 

Gwilin the Meek - Nerdy Student of the Faenemel mage school. 
Mimi - Cafe Owner in Killand
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